Cherokee Spirits LLC.

  know yourself the native way, there is no power in plastic!
Real Animal Claws and hides, wolf claws, cougar claws, bear claws, skulls and more!


Authentic chokers:

 Chokers were originally designed for the purpose of protecting the necks of the Native American warriors during battle and they were also used to adorn themselves during specific tribal ceremonies. Chokers were also worn to show a high social ranking among the tribes, and as a sign of wealth. Sometimes these chokers would also be attached to a full breastplate for the warriors who fought to protect their territories.  In society today choker necklaces are extremely popular among younger generations.

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Please note that if you would like a custom choker made Rain warrior is happy to do it and give you a quote. He can make a choker using any of her claws or teeth so feel free to ask if you don't see the choker you want here.